Long Term Care Home Details

Station Place | 128 Bed LTC Home | Havelock Ontario

Station Place LTC

128 Bed Long Term Care Home

  • Adult Montessori concepts
  • No-physical restraint and no-bedrail culture
  • Point-of-care documentation practices
  • An in-Home TV channel
  • Proprietary online training
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Long Term Care Facility Details

The new 128-bed Long-Term Care home will open in the village of Havelock, within the township of Havelock Belmont Methuen (HBM), just east of Peterborough. The Home will add rural capacity to an under-serviced region that straddles the boundary of the Central East and South East catchment areas. The Home will be on a seven (7) acre site within an 18 acre parcel designated for community development. Services (sewer, water, gas) are readily available.

The LTC Home is to duplicate what municipal leaders have seen in AON LTC Homes in nearby Millbrook (Centennial Place) and Tweed (Moira Place). AON is a local, family-owned company with a successful 50+ year history and a strong reputation for its four licensed retirement residences in Peterborough.

The Home will be built by AON Builders, AON’s construction division, which built its existing LTC and latest retirement homes. The 128-bed Moira Place was constructed by AON in 2009 on time and on budget. The South East Home & Community Care Support Services (previously, the SE Local Health Integration Network – LHIN) considers it to be a model Home. It has been involved in a number of local health initiatives, including Health Links, serving on the advisory committee for the behavioural supports unit at Quinte Health Care, and managing 10 “short stay interim beds” to alleviate ALC pressures in the local health system.

Similarly, Centennial Place was one of the region’s first LTC provider of Peritoneal Dialysis, in partnership with Peterborough Regional Health Centre. Both Homes have outstanding waitlist performance, despite their rural locations.

Both homes have achieved the coveted Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) designation (June 2023) through the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO), with a focus on continually improving the resident experience in long-term care.

The project clearly advances Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors in both Havelock Belmont Methuen and Peterborough County more broadly. Supported by a team that is familiar with LTC requirements and understands the needs of the township.


A long-term commitment to long-term care.